Do you have other plans that aren't on your website?

Yes.  We have plenty of other plans that are available for viewing.  Just contact us to make an appointment and we will provide you with plans that match your needs if available.

What do I need to bring to the initial consultation?

The more information you bring, the easier it is to understand what you want in you new home.  You can bring, pictures, sketches, magazines, etc.

If you already own your lot, you should bring the property information: Site plan / survey plus the subdivision restrictions (if applicable).

Do you charge for the initial consultation?

The initial consultation is free if the meeting is held at our office, which is standard for new construction project.  Remodel consultations are normally held at the site of the project.  A charge of $65/hour for travel plus the meeting will occur.  This is due at the meeting.  

How much do plans cost?

Pricing varies based on several factors including but not limited to: size of home, number of stories, type of foundation, complexity of design, etc.  Please call or email for estimates.

How does your price structure work?

  • New construction: Pricing is typically based on total square footage of the house.  The price per square foot will vary based on size of home, number of stories, type of foundation, complexity of design, etc.
  • Remodel / Renovation / Addition: Pricing is per hour.  The time spent on each project will vary greatly.  After an initial meeting, EHD will provide an estimate for services.

What is the difference between "Total Square Footage" and "Living Area"?

Living area is defined by the perimeter of any space that is heated and air conditioned.  Total Square Footage refers to all area that is under roof including the living area, garages/carports, porches, stoops, balconies, and any other area 'under roof'.

Can I have an address where a previous plan has been built?

No.  For privacy purposes, we do not give out the addresses of our previous clients.

Can I buy plans from your website?

At the moment we aren't offering online sales.  The plans you see online are primarily for your reference.  We encourage you to use the plans on this site to help visualize your dream home.  If you want to purchase a plan you see, please call or email us.  225-366-9784 | cory@ewinghd.com

How many sets of plans do I need?

This will vary depending on your situation, but we provide seven (7) sets for all new construction projects.  Additional sets are available upon request (additional fee may apply).  

Are you an engineer or architect?

No.  Our plans are not stamped by an architect nor engineer.  However, in cases where a stamp is requires, we will happily work with an architect or engineer of your choosing.  We can also recommend an architect or engineer to you if you need.

Do my plans need to have a stamp from an architect or engineer?

Some states require house plans to be reviewed and stamped by a licensed architect or engineer before construction can begin. This is due to many factors such as structural design, safety, and other factors. We recommended that you consult your local building officials to see what is required in your local area. I have provided a list to the local building officials where the majority of our homes are built. Please click here to view that list (link).



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